H. H. Scott Stereomaster 222D - SOLD

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HH Scott just simply amazes me, I don't know how to describe how satisfying it is to listen to their vintage tube amps. Some say they are a bargain, an under-dog, or "giant killer". They run side by side with the big names of their era and continue to blow away the new gear, many seem to think of Scott as a spoiler amp, well honestly I just think HH Scott are a first class act when it comes to tubes.

This modest 20 watts x 2 EL84/12ax7 push pull masterpiece has been playing all day with a set of EV Centurion Corner Horns and it's as if we rolled the clock back to 1964. It's truly amazing and totally understandable why many prefer these types of old horn speakers with vintage tubers from the same era. The EVs are headed to Maine today but we're going to pair it again with a set of Altec, Valencia and see what kind of magic that duo  produces.

Another incredible piece feom the Richard K collection - been gone through here in house by our expert tech team and it's deemed 100%. Clearly Richard knows how to take of his massive stable of iconic gear. This is a CANT MiSS little amp. It positively sings. All chrome has been published and it presents as exceptional in every way. Nice compliment of vintage Mullard 12ax7 and Mullard EL84s - incredibly valuable tubes with plenty of life remaining. 

Demos are encouraged here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence here on the HHA site.

HH Scott, Stereomaster 222D Integrated Tube Amp: $1099 plus applicable sales tax