Sherwood S-8910 Vintage Receiver, Nice Power!

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Sherwood made audio components and amplifiers as early as 1952.  As a long-standing US-based business, they developed some affordable and quality components that opened up the consumer audio industry to many people.  

The S-8910 receiver packs 60 watts per channel into 8 ohm speakers. It is also packed with connectivity!  The S-8910 has 2 phono inputs, 2 tape/monitor loops, auxiliary input, two speaker outputs, and a fantastic AM/FM Stereo tuner.  In addition, the receiver is ready for Quadraphonic playback, with an additional in/out loop for a quad decoder.  And on top of that, this receiver could be used as a "Preceiver" with power amp outputs to allow the user to connect to outboard amplifiers as needed. Designed in 1974 to compete with brands like Pioneer and Sansui, the Sherwood S-8910 was very popular and even today surprises many at how well it operates.

This unit has been reviewed by our in-house tech, bias has been adjusted, and all lamps and dials restored to operational condition. The real walnut veneered case looks very presentable with a few signs of age, normal for a piece that's pushing 50 years old!  This is a great-playing, and great-looking entry-level receiver.

Demos are welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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