Snell Acoustics Type E Loudspeakers - From Snell Estate - SOLD

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Snell Acoustics made great speakers right down the road from us in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Snell Acoustics were founded in 1976 by Peter Snell to develop a speaker that "disappeared" sonically; providing the listener with uncolored and pure music.  Snell's approach combined excellent quality drivers sourced from Europe, and hand-built, hand-matched crossovers to ensure those drivers were performing at Peter's highest possible standards.  Peter Snell personally matched each pair of speakers to a "Reference" pair in his listening room, at a time before computer simulation and analysis!

The Snell Type E exemplifies Peter Snell's tradition of excellence, with a simple 2-way crossover augmented by a rear-firing 3/4" poly dome tweeter to add airiness and depth to the listening experience. These speakers have come to us as part of an heirloom estate from the Snell family.  Following Peter's untimely death in 1984, his brother, Roy, helped transition the business to new ownership.  We have been graciously chosen to help the Snell family find new homes for many heirlooms, including these speakers.  

These Type E have been refurbished with crossover caps, tweeter diaphragms, tweeter ferrofluid, and woofer foam.  They are ready to last another 30 years. They are a unique piece of audio history.

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom with COVID precautions in place.

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