Snell Acoustics ICS 1050cr, Center Channel Speaker

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Like all classic audio companies, Snell Acoustics evolved considerably from its first days to the age of home theater.  With this growth and change came the need to develop a full compliment of speakers for home theater purposes that could simultaneously serve up music with convincing authority.  Snell excelled in this arena, where many other companies faltered.  Part of this has to do with the company's speaker designs and driver selection.  Usually easy to drive and versatile, Snell speakers could be powered well by modest home theater receivers, but then gave the listener a real "wow" experience with good, solid power.  

The ICS 1050cr was part of Snell's THX Ultra home theater product offerings. The speaker is built incredibly well and is heavier than one might imagine for a center speaker.  Part of the reason is the incredibly stout construction, and also the use of shielded magnets on all drivers for magnet shielding...Remember the days of tube TVs?

The ICS 1050cr utilizes twin 6.5" poly cone woofers by Peerless, combined with a very unique horn-loaded 1" aluminum dome tweeter element which could be rotated by the users depending on whether the speakers was placed above or below the TV screen. The result is excellent voice matching with other Snell components and adjustability that accommodates many room layouts.  

This center is in excellent physical and sonic condition.  It's ready to play and priced VERY affordably.

Demos are very welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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*Note, stand not included.