Sonic Frontiers, Line Two Linestage w/Off-board Power Supply

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Sonic Frontiers was a large company in terms of factory size, employees and sales figures - at least by High End Audio standards. No, not the largest company in any of these three areas, but they were large enough to be considered a formidable force in the high end audio scene. This is no small feat considering that the company was born about 35 years ago as, quite literally, a basement-run, parts-supplying operation with sales in the low tens of thousands of dollars. From those small beginnings they have grown to become one of the industry's key manufacturers, specializing in tube-based, audio electronics.

This legendary Sonic Frontiers Line 2 Tube Preamp is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Completely gone through here in house by our expert tech staff and ready for the next 20yrs. A world-renowned linestage preamplifier, beautifully engineered in Canada, and extreamely well cared for... comes complete with matching power supply. Sorry, no hockey puck remote, orig box & packaging or this piece would be closer to $3K. Its the cleanest one we've ever seen. A winner on every level. 


• Frequency Response: 2 Hz to 250 kHz 0.5 dB; > 500 kHz-3.0 dB at 2V RMS output
THD&N: < 0.01 % from 20 Hz to 20 kHz Balanced; < 0.01 % Unbalanced (single-ended). Output at 2V RMS
• Gain: 18 dB @ 1 kHz(balanced);
12 dB @ 1 kHZ (single-ended/unbalanced)
• Input Impedance: 21k ohms- balanced
• Output Impedance: 270 ohms balanced output; 135 ohms single-ended (unbalanced)
• Maximum Input: 8.0 VRMS maximum (balanced); 4.0 VRMS (single-ended/unbalanced)
• Rated Output: 2 VRMS (balanced);
1 VRMS (single-ended/unbalanced)
• Maximum Output Voltage: 56 VRMS at 1% THD (balanced output)
• Noise: < 5OpV unweighted wideband noise; Approx. 25yV IHF A-weighted noise (balanced); -99 dB A weighted below a 2 VRMS output
• Stereo Separation (Crosstalk): >-100 dB @ 1kHz relative to 2V RMS output
• Tube Complement: 6 x 6922 (6DJ8 types)
• Fuse Requirements: 1.0 A slow-blo (1 10-120VAC countries); 5A slow-blo (220-240VAC countries)
• Power Consumption: 80VA Operate;
40VA Standby
• Dimensions (main): 19" Wide x 14.25" Deep x 4.5" High (48 cm x 36 cm x 11.5 cm)
• Dimensions (power supply): 9" Wide x 14" Deep x 4" High (23cm x 33cm x 10cm)
• Net Weight: Approx. 33 Ibs (15 kg( unpacked
• Relay Trigger (Contacts): 30ma AC or DC; 30V max. isolated from chassis via 3.5mm stereo jack
• Infra Red Jack: Maximum input vollage 12Vpp; 3.5 mm stereo jack

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