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Franco Serblin founded Sonus faber in 1983 in Vicenza, Italy, to craft speakers that played music instead of merely reproducing it. For him, the art of speaker and musical-instrument design has everything to do with controlling resonance. Think about it: The sound of a guitar, violin, or any stringed instrument is generated within a carefully tuned resonating acoustic chamber. That concept inspired the form and function of Serblin's designs, which synthesize the best of old-world craftsmanship with finely tuned technology.

Sonus Faber has historically christened their speaker models after venerated musical-instrument makers—Stradivari, Amati, and Guarneri—but the Domus moniker comes from Latin, meaning a private family residence of modest to palatial proportions. The lute-shaped design bears a striking resemblance to the company's Cremonas ($8,995 per pair) and the new Amati Anniversarios ($27,500 per pair).

Sonus Faber has derived the Domus Series' ring-radiator-type tweeter from the one used in the Cremona speakers. The woofers and midrange drivers also benefit from trickle-down technology—the vented phase plug (that's the silver bullet-shaped part in the center) was originally designed for the Stradivari speaker. Faux leather completely covers each Domus speaker's front, top, rear, and bottom surfaces. It not only looks and feels nice, the leatherette's grain is said to minimize surface diffraction, and the material also serves as a sealing gasket for the drivers. Decoupled teak wood or curved high-gloss-black side panels suppress cabinet resonance and serve to goose the Domus' ogle factor up a couple of notches. All of the Domus models feature ported designs and come fitted with high-quality binding posts.

Sonus Faber offered optional floor stands for the Concertino that mirror the Domus' curves and are as beautifully constructed as the speakers.

These Concertino Domus are breathtaking in every way. If Ferrari made loudspeakers, these would be them. The roar of a GT-350 "California" has nothing on the Sonic impact of these Sonus Fabers  "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller" 

Would say come audition these fine Italian marvels but they never even made it to the sales floor. On their way to Seattle 2/8/22.

Sonus Faber, Concertino Domus Standmount Speakers: $1,400.00 plus applicable sales tax