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The Sony ES series of audio components was developed to provide state-of-the-art performance in consumer audio technology. Although they were hardly inexpensive, most ES components were priced well below most so-called "high-end" audio products. The CDP-608ESD aptly illustrates the ES approach. It uses 18-bit digital-to-analog (D/A) converters and eight-times-oversampling (352.8-kHz) digital filters. Almost every feature yet created for CD players is built into it, and it is rated for state-of-the-art performance: a signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of 113 dB, distortion of 0.0022 percent, channel separation of more than 110 dB, and frequency response from 2 to 20,000 Hz ±0.3 dB.

The CDP-608ESD is moderately large-18-3/8 inches wide (including its furnished wood side plates), 14 inches deep, and 4-3/4 inches high- and weighs a hefty 27-1/2 pounds. At first glance, it appears to be a fairly conventional front-loading player with all the usual controls and features plus some that are less familiar. In addition to the standard transport controls, a matrix of twenty numbered buttons gives direct access to any track on a disc. (Pressing the >20 button allows track numbers up to 99 to be keyed in with the other buttons.) There are separate pairs of fast and slow scanning buttons instead of the usual single pair of buttons that increase scanning speed as they are held in.

The CDP-608ESD has unusually comprehensive editing and programming features. It can play a single track, an entire disc, or up to twenty tracks in any desired order, and a shuffle-play mode plays the tracks in a random order. Among special provisions for users who wish to tape programs from CD's is an Auto Memo feature to select tracks that will fit in a designated time span (it can select two programs, one for each side of a cassette, with minimum tape waste). The player also has a provision for inserting 3 seconds of silence between tracks (for tape players that use such blanks to locate the beginning or end of a segment) and an automatic fade function.

If you're looking to upgrade your CD experience with a truly High End vintage player stop right here. We have found this machine to perform flawlessly and with a performance level unmatched spending 3x as much as our offering price. Comes complete with original box, packaging, OM and the ever elusive original remote! A gem of a CD player that will bring your digital experience to new levels.

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Sony, CDP-608ESD CD Player: $399.00 plus applicable sales tax