Sound Lab Quantum Hybrid-Electrostatic Speakers

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Sound Lab is a small, family-owned speaker company based in Gunnison, Utah.  The founder and owner, Roger West, still operates the business, answers daily emails and sometimes picks up the phone when you call.  Sound Lab started in 1978 and since then has achieved a number of patents and trademarks associated with electrostatic speaker design and implementation.  The company continues to make every speaker by hand in their own assembly location, insisting that this is the only way to completely control quality.  They are the "Mandalorian" of speaker companies in today's world....This is the way.

The Quantum is a more recent offering from Sound Lab, using a hybrid approach to electrostatic design.  Popularized by other companies like Acoustat and Martin Logan, Sound Lab sought to improve the integration between the electrostatic element and the dynamic low-frequency woofer as much as possible. The result is a system that is dynamic and engaging, especially at low volume levels.

This set of Quantum speakers is in excellent condition, with nary a mark on the black grille fabric nor oak wood trim.  The speakers play perfectly with no harshness or "buzz."  They have been maintained and cared for by Richard K, a life-long-audiophile-fanatic-collector and that care and dedication shows in their condition and playback.

Demos of these rare, hand-built speakers are encouraged.

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* Note, due to the fragile nature of the electrostatic elements, these speakers cannot be shipped using traditional methods.  Please enquire regarding specialized freight or courier delivery.  Additional fees will apply.