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Speakerlab started in 1970 in Seattle, Washington on a mission to create, or re-create, classic acoustic designs for audiophiles on a budget.  Solid as semi-assembled or completely un-assembled kits, the company followed a long tradition of DIY-oriented designs that mimicked, and in some cases improved, the original designs that emulated.  

In 1985, Speakerlab launched the "Digital Audio Speaker" , or DAS, line of speakers.  In an effort to elevate their sound profiles to meet the needs of a burgeoning digital audio, compact disc market, the DAS line was almost a complete departure from Spekerlabs previous offerings.  

The DAS-4 system, consists of an 8" treated paper cone woofer, and 3/4" poly dome tweeter in an Inverted Axis Alignment which brings the high and low frequency energy to the listener at the same time.  This system is capable of flat response down to 38Hz and offers 92 dB sensitivity to allow them to used on many tube and solid state systems.  The original oak veneer has been sanded and refinished to bring back its original sheen.  

We developed some custom oak risers to improve imaging and bass response even further, included with the sale of the speakers.

These speakers were not made in large numbers and are hard to find.  Come over for a demo and enjoy what they have to offer!

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