Spectral, DMC-10 "Gamma Edition" Preamp - Extraordinary Component

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Offering here a fabulous Spectral Audio Associates, hand crafted in the USA in Sunnyvale CA, DMC-10 Series-Gamma reference-standard solid-state pre-amp

So, a few words about Spectral Audio Associates...
Founded in 1977, Spectral is one of the most respected names in high end audio. Spectral Audio makes wide bandwidth, extremely fast, high resolution electronic audio components. Notably their amps & preamps use many smaller distributed power supplies, rather than only one large one. This approach allows Spectral to locate a power supply (capacitors, rectifiers, regulators, and secondary windings) closer to each FET output device. Spectral electronics have a very transparent sound, with excellent settling (the ability of the amplifier to stop the speaker after a transient). The DMC-10 Series-Gamma with proprietary DMS-10 power supply featured here takes the basic design concepts of thier flagship MS-ONE and rationalized them. The result was the straight line, ultra-linear DMC-10, an instant classic.

The first product to feature Spectral's unique "systemboard" construction, an approach typically found only in instrumentation-quality design. Systemboard construction unifies the active portions of the preamplifier, including the connecting jacks, into one part which docks with the passive section, including the chassis and controls. The benefits for performance and servicing are considerable.
The first preamplifier to utilize power MOSFETs. In their freedom from the harsh distortions found in other solid state devices, power MOSFETs more closely approximate the performance characteristics of pentode vacuum tubes. Spectral's close ties to leading edge Silicon Valley companies have enabled us to consistently take the initiative in adapting state-of-the-art technology to audio use.

The DMC-10 preamp employs a Universal Phono Module. Phono inputs are equalized for constant velocity transducers. They are suitable for conventional moving magnet or moving iron cartridges such as Shure, Stanton, Grado and high and (end?) medium output moving coil cartridges such as Koetsu, Denon and Dyna-vector. The input impedance is factory set to 47 k ohms in parallel with 100 pF. This can be user adjusted internally in a snap.

Lots to read but know that this is one of the finest preamps you'll even own. Phono stage is excellent and highly adjustable. Performance is clean, and all music. No harshness or grain, no coloring or massaging of the signal in any way. A truly wonderful piece. Solid 8 in appearance with only the slightest signs of wear. Performance is a 10+ and now, having been on our expect techs bench, is performing to spec and is ready to be the hub of anyone's "better" rig.

Demos are always encouraged here are the Lawrence shop.
Spectral, DMC-10 Gamma Edition Preamp: $1799 + tax and shipping when applicable