Spica TC-50 Time-Aligned Speakers, Stunning Walnut Burl Finish

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When you look at the Spica TC-50, you have to wonder what the designer was thinking, manufacturing a speaker that looks like a wedge of cheese or a large door stop.  How could this awkward-looking object make beautiful sound?   And on the surface, it really doesn't make sense.  The broad front baffle is raked at a steep angle, the woofer is coated in some kind of doping material, and the cabinet volume itself is diminutive.  The TC-50 doesn't carry any of the hallmarks of a "well designed" speaker system.  

And then, you plug them in and give them a listen...They are truly remarkable!

The TC-50 utilize an Audax 1" dome tweeter and 6.5" heavily-coated paper cone woofer in a sealed, compact composite wood cabinet.  The steep baffle assists with time alignment, almost to an extreme; and the baffle is coated in 1/2" thick wool felt to absorb any unwanted high frequency reflections from the front facia.  The first-order crossover network also contributes to this system's performance with a simplistic and easy-to-drive design. 

The result is silky sooth sound, somehow with plenty of low-end push, and midrange that will ease you right into the deepest part of your listening chair.  Vocals are dreamy on the TC-50 -- And the speakers project an image that is far beyond the dimensions of their small enclosures. 

Originally this set was wrapped in a cheap simulated walnut veneer, but we knew we had to do something better.  We found a special engineered burled walnut veneer which really dresses these speakers up in a unique and beautiful way.  The grille cloth was replaced, and the tattered felt mats were re-cut by hand to match the originals as closely as possible.  

You won't find another set like these.  Come by for a listen!

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