Stromberg Carlson Integrated Amp & Tuner, Tube Power, Serviced - SOLD

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Offering a beautiful mid-century audio experience. Stromberg Carlson Hifi integrated amplifier ASR-433. Fully serviced, tested, and running the original Stromberg EL-84 push-pull tubes. Sound is sweet and full. Outputs about 16-18 watts per channel.

The tuner is a split chassis AM/FM mono tuner with an FM Muliplexer. AM and FM have separate outputs. This was from the days between mono and stereo broadcasts where the same signal would be “multi-cast” across both bands. FM pulls in stations well. Multiplex feature works. Only issue might be the stroboscope doesn’t seem to attenuate fully with the signal strength. It moves, but just barely.

$375 for the set.
Demos are welcome.