SUPRA DAC-XLR Digital AES/EBU Interconnect

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The Supra DAC-XLR Digital AES/EBU cable might be one of the cleanest sounding, trouble-free balanced options we have seen for digital signal transfer. The cable itself is specially designed to provide consistent, uninterrupted 110 ohm impedance.  In addition, the PE plastic insulating material within the cable, which is interwoven with Supra's patented tinned 5N purity copper strands, improves the speed of digital signal transfer by nearly 10% over competitor's digital XLRs. 

The shielded, factory-fit ends, and gold-plated contact pins are sturdy and ensure no loss of data.

Available in three lengths. Sold individually.

0.5m, $67

1.0m, $72

2.0m, $82