SUPRA Dual RCA Analog Interconnect Cable

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The Dual RCA Analog Interconnects by Supra may be budget-oriented in price, but they are spot-on regarding performance. Using some of the same design and construction techniques bringing award winning performance to the EFF and Sword lines, the Dual line features minimize internal capacitance, excellent shielding, and improved transient response. Suitable for nearly any analog audio application, the Dual is equally versatile.  The Supra designed RCA-6 ends provide a high quality, secure connection from point-to-point. 

We offer these cables in varying lengths.  Custom lengths or configurations are available as a special order, on request. 

Dual 0.5m, $85/pair

Dual 1.0m, $89/pair

Dual 2.0m, $96/pair

Dual 3.0m, $103/pair