SUPRA Ply 3.4/S Shielded Speaker Cable

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In our opinion, the Supra Ply 3.4/S Shielded Speaker cable is the ultimate answer in affordable, noise-resistant, and game-changing speaker lines.  To start, the Ply 3.4/S conductors consist of ultra-low inductance 5N purity tinned copper strands. The strands are woven, not just twisted, within the jacket to improve surface contact patterns between each strand and reduce skin effect which can degrade high frequency clarity.  The resultant 12 AWG cable is plenty large and can accommodate even the most demanding, high-current applications.

The standard "CombiCon" banana-style terminations are installed from the factory using high pressure for an airtight joint between the conductor and the termination. 

Finally, the shielded nature of the cable brings the performance to another level, lowering the noise floor even further.  The shielded strand is typically connected to the chassis ground on the power amplifier, reducing any potential for feedback or degradation. 

We have these cables installed on our "main wall" at the shop and we can attest that they do make an audible difference.  Compared to some other brands, midrange presence is cleaner and more impactful.  Bass is tighter and more controlled. 

Available in 2m and 3m lengths, other sizes and configurations are available on request as a special order.

2.0m, $223

3.0m, $256