SED, "Winged C" 6L6GC - Holy Grail Tonemasters!

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With production halted years ago, it was thought that these would never be seen again & that's pretty much true. Incredibly we have a set of NOS Winged C 6L6GC killer tone champs. This tube is praised for its powerful authority and tight low end response. They DONT make them like this anymore and before you take a flyer on a set of used tubes for way too much money, grab these while you can. They won't be here long that's for certain - exception sounding SED, 6L6GC for your single ended or push pull power amps.

The best of the best. A perfect tube - rich, clean, quiet & detailed with an amazing  bottom end. 
Make no mistake - these are special tubes!

SED, Winged C, 6L6GC Power Tubes: $348 + sales tax where applicable