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Symdex Systems was originally founded by the legendary Kevin Voecks in Framingham, MA.  Their premier product, the Sigma bookshelf speaker, is an acoustically wonderful speaker with a very simplistic design.  In the late 1980's speaker designer Leland Wallace took ownership of the company and expanded the brand's offerings with the lauded Epsilon 3-way tower, and later, the Gamma 2-way tower.  All of these systems incorporated the same design philosophies as the original Sigma, with a focus on time alignment, phase coherence, and overall imaging and presentation. 

The Gamma Reference was introduced in 1990 and utilized updated driver and crossover components and improved internal bracing over the initial Gamma tower.  This 2-way system uses a 1" Audax coated silk dome tweeter and 7" Audax composite cone woofer in a  slender ported enclosure.  Having heard the Sigma and Gamma next to one another, we can attest that the sound signatures of these speakers are closely matched, and they both exhibit that special "disappearing act" that many audiophiles spend thousands of dollars trying to achieve.  

This example is in excellent physical condition, having been stored in their original shipping crates for the last 10 years. Frequency response is broad and sound quality is clear, refined, and engaging.  These are a listen-to-all-day-long speaker... No fatigue, just joy.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

** Note, speakers are listed and priced as EACH to properly calculate shipping.  If interested, be sure to select QUANTITY of TWO **

$998/pair (plus applicable MA sales tax)