Symdex Sigma Speakers - Strange, Engaging, Musical, Wonderful!

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Symdex Systems was originally founded by the legendary Kevin Voecks in Framingham, MA.  Their premier product, the Sigma bookshelf speaker, is an acoustically wonderful speaker with a very simplistic design.  In the late 1980's speaker designer Leland Wallace took ownership of the company and expanded the brand's offerings with the lauded Epsilon 3-way tower, and later, the Gamma 2-way tower.  All of these systems incorporated the same design philosophies as the original Sigma, with a focus on time alignment, phase coherence, and overall imaging and presentation. 

The Sigma is hard to describe, really.  In its original form, with puffy-brown foam grilles glued to the stepped front baffle, it's "ungainly" - To be polite.  Especially after about 40 years of use, the puffy-brown foam grilles start to deteriorate and lose their shape, which really shows the speakers' age.  But what you can't see is the transparent, weightless, clean, and reverent sound these speakers are capable of.  They image like crazy and present music in such a gentle and light manner, you'll keep rubbing your eyes as you look at them...In disbelief that these little gremlins can sound so tremendous.  

This modest 2-way system uses a 1" Audax coated silk dome tweeter and 6" Audax composite cone woofer in a compact, sealed enclosure.  The crossover consists of a rudimentary film cap and copper inductor. That's it!  No fancy computer simulations were used to design these babies, just pure soul. 

These examples were in need of a complete restoration, and that is just what we have done. We have fabricated grilles and covered them in period-appropriate grille cloth for a timeless mid-century style.  We think this "facelift" gives the Sigmas a face to match the voice.  These are a listen-to-all-day speaker... No fatigue, just joy.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

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