Tandberg 3008A & 3006A Matching Pre/Power Set - "True Vintage HiEnd" - SOLD

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In 1985, the TCA 3008A was Tandberg’s finest preamplifier, designed and styled with the conservatism and understatement that characterize Tandberg products. Physically and electrically, it matches the company’s TPA 3006A & 3009A power amplifiers and TPT 3001A tuner. Outwardly similar to the earlier TCA 3002A, which it replaces in Tandberg’s product line, the TCA 3008A incorporates numerous changes in internal components and mechanical design details.

Tandberg products typically offer the level of performance and quality of construction for which certain extremely expensive “high end” audio components have been noted, but at prices just above those of the better mass-market products. For instance, all the audio stages use polystyrene dielectric capacitors and metal-film resistors (with 1 percent tolerances in critical circuits). It is felt by some audio designers that the dielectric absorption of the more commonly used electrolytic capacitors causes a loss of detail in the reproduced sound, hence their preference for low-loss capacitors whose dielectric absorption is typically 500 times less than that of electrolytic types. For lower capactiance values, most manufacturers use ceramic capacitors, whose capacitance changes with the applied voltage (including the signal voltage itself). Taking the position that the phase shift introduced by such capacitance change can affect the sound, Tandberg uses only stable polystyrene capacitors instead of lower-cost ceramic units throughout the TCA 3008A. In addition, the entire audio section of the preamplifier uses discrete transistors (no IC chips).

The matching TCA 3006A is a wonderful amplifier that harmoniously fits/locks inside a footing channel for a super sleek MCM appearance. It tests to spec (listed) and is the perfect compliment to the 3008A preamplifier. 150 watts per/channel capable of driving the most challenging load. Dual mosfet design with discreet circuitry. This is a VERY good amplifier.

Power output: 150 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Damping factor: 200

Signal to noise ratio: 94dB

Dimensions: 435 x 350 x 83mm

Weight: 11.3kg

Year: 1984

Both Tandberg pieces are in exceptional 9 condition and will remain togther in their next home: we will not separate the set. This is a one-owner fabulous pair that have been gone through thoroughly here at HHA by our expert in-house tech and is operating perfectly. Will give the next owner years of satisfaction. We at HHA are extremely fond of vintage Tandberg,... it's no secret. This set is spectacular. Comes complete with original 2-prong power cords & OMs. Don't miss these, you'll be sorry you did.

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Tandberg, 3008A & 3006A preamp & power amplifier: $1559 + applicable sales tax