Tannoy Saturn S8 Tower Speakers in "Champagne" Finish

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Tannoy is one of the oldest speaker companies in the world.  Founded in London in 1926, Tannoy originally made components for Public Address systems.  The name "Tannoy" is derived from the materials they used to make their components: Tantalum and Lead Alloy.  

Fast forward nearly one hundred years, and Tannoy still manufactures some of the most innovative, durable, and sought-after audio products in the world.  The Saturn S8 speakers were released from 1999-2003 and represented a budget-minded audiophile product.  The three-way system utilizes Tannoy's patented concentric "Duralumin" tweeter, nestled in the center of an 8" polypropylene mid-bass driver. The lowest notes are produced by another 8" polypropylene cone driver in a separately tuned chamber.  The result is effortless music, with a bit forward midrange presentation.

This pair are finished in beautiful cherry/champagne finish. 

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom. Tannoy Saturn S8 Towers - $859 (plus applicable sales tax)

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