Tannoy SyncSource M-1000 Super Red Studio Monitors, A Mouth Full!

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Tannoy is one of the oldest speaker companies in the world.  Founded in London in 1926, Tannoy originally made components for Public Address systems.  The name "Tannoy" is derived from the materials they used to make their components: Tantalum and Lead Alloy.

Fast forward nearly one hundred years, and Tannoy still manufactures some of the most innovative, durable, and sought-after audio products in the world today.  Not to be left out of the pro-audio market, Tannoy started developing the world's best studio monitors and playback equipment in the late 1960s and have continued without skipping a beat since then.  Around 1984/85, Tannoy used its extremely innovative and popular concentric driver technology to create the M-1000 monitors.  The M-1000 came in a few different variations, but the hardest hitting was the SyncSource design, using a large 41x29x18 inch reinforced woof cabinet with four bottom-mounted bass ports and three adjustment dials to fine tune the speakers to their host room.  The SyncSource monitors were standard issue for many high-end recording studios in service in the 1980s and 1990s. 

The speakers are known for being the ultimate and final say in neutrality across the entire frequency spectrum.  The absolute purest for mix-downs and post-production in a studio.  But what these speakers offer in terms of a 2-channel living room experience is absolutely tremendous.  The word "effortless" can most aptly describe how these speakers do...EVERYTHING.  Pure, clean high end, especially with vocals, and deep, resonant, low bass that hits when it needs to, and serenades when it needs to. 

This is a rare opportunity to own a rare set of speakers that deliver the "goosebumps" audiophiles are always looking for.

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Note, these speakers require specialized/customized packaging and freight delivery only.  Estimated freight cost east of the Mississippi is $450; west and TX $550;  west of the Rockies is $750.   We would be happy to work with a prospective buyer to determine exact freight cost and coordinate that process with them. 

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