TEAC H500 Hi-Po "Executive System"

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TEAC is a Japanese company, founded in in 1953, that has been making carefully designed, and precision calibrated recording equipment for many decades. TEAC had its first break in 1962 as one of the companies trusted to record events for the 1962 Olympics, for both audio and video. This commitment to high-profile and high-quality recordings still exists today with the company's newest product lines. 

Some time in the late 1990s, while deeply entrenched in both the popular "Executive Mini Systems" sold during this time, as well as the massive surround sound market, TEAC saw an opportunity to combine these two markets.  Introducing the "H500" series of components.  The idea was to pack as much hi-tech, hi-quality audio/video gear as the company could into a compact chassis fit for a C-suite.  The result was a very elegant design, simple on the outside, but filled with features to wow guests who get to experience it.  The champagne-colored face plates and overall ease of use made these little systems very popular. 

Let's not forget, the H500 system was designed to perform.  Starting with the AV-H500D surround sound receiver, which is a feature-rich Dolby ProLogic decoder, 80 watt per channel power amplifier (into 2-channels at 8 ohms), and complete control center. The T-500H AM/FM Stereo Tuner provides clean and clear broadcasts, with selectable presets and multiple tuning controls. And finally, because CD/DVD recordings were king at this time, the DV-H500 Compact Disc and DVD player rounded out this setup. The DVD player featured Dolby Digital and DTS decoding as well as composite video outputs supply moving pictures to the owner's new 40", 300 lb. PLASMA!  

Other components such as a Cassette deck, MiniDisc Player/Recorder, and separate Power Amplifier were available at the time. Unfortunately, we only have these three gems.  And note, the remote control is missing but can often be found on eBay for a few bucks.  

Everything works as it should and sounds great doing it.  This little amp can power some very nice speakers very well.  Try them on some B&W CM5 bookshelf speakers and you have yourself a stellar starter system fro short money. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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