Technics RS-M18 Stereo Cassette Deck w/ Dolby

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The Japanese electronics giant Panasonic/Matsushita was known the world-over for developing motors and motor controllers that were accurate and dependable for many types of consumer and commercial applications.  Already recognized for their legendary turntables, Technics followed suit with cassette players that offered and exceptional value-for-performance ratio.  

The RS-M18 is a dual-head cassette player and recorder. Introduced in 1979, the look is a cross between the more nostalgic 1970s silver-faced gear, and up-and-coming 1980s futuristic styling.  Controls are easy to read, use, and understand.  The bright and clear LED signal display was a departure from more traditional VU-meters, but really launches the look of this piece into the next decade.  

Adding Dolby Noise Reduction and the flexibility of equalization and bias for both Normal and Metal tapes yields a lot of versatility from a very unassuming and affordable package. 

The example has been completely serviced, with newly resurfaced rollers, new belts, and a thorough cleaning. Ready for your favorite REO Speedwagon tape to grace the play well and start pumping some jams!

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA. 

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