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We come across many different types of speakers from many design houses worldwide.  There's always something uniquely "different" about designs from Japan in the 1970s and 1980s, and they always present an exceptional value.  The Technics SB-7000A Floor Monitors fall right in line with this statement. Technics, being the hifi wing of the much larger Matsushita Corporation, watched and learned through the 1970s as other manufactures experimented with the concept of phase-linearity: Thiel, Snell, Cabasse, Dahlquist, Bang & Olufsen, Pioneer....To name a few.  The concept is based on the idea that through clever crossover design, as well as stepped driver placement, phase relationships through the frequency range would remain constant, or at least predictable.  This would result in a more coherent sound, allowing the speakers to sound more natural. 

By many accounts, this design principle works, and has been implemented, improved-on, and copied by dozens of companies over the years.  Not to be left out, Technics tried their hand at it with a series of speakers employing familiar design principles in their own unique way.  The SB-7000A feature a pedestal-mounted 1.2" treated-cloth dome tweeter designed specifically for this model, a 4.5" high-compliance paper cone midrange in its own resonance chamber, and a massive 13.5" paper-cone aramid-fiber cone woofer.  The woofer is placed in a dual-chamber enclosure: the first chamber opening into the second through an aperiodic opening, and the second emptying into the room through a conventional port tube. 

As whacky as this design looks, it is "oh, so 70s!" - Released in 1977, the same year as Star Wars, makes these speakers cultural statement pieces for the time.  The speakers are efficient at 93 dB, and have a full-robust frequency response, with a soft high-end that steps off just after 18kHz (beyond where most people can effectively hear).  By their visual stature, one would imagine boomy, and bloated bass, but that is very far from the truth.  Bass is even-handed and well controlled, yet prolific; and blends perfectly with the smooth mid delivery. 

Demos are highly encouraged in our Lawrence, MA showroom. You will not be disappointed by these floor monitors.  They really bring music to life in a unique way and have a wonderful story to tell.

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