Michell TecnoDec + T3 Tonearm

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The Michell TecnoDec turntable takes all of the features of the upper range Michell models and combines them into an excellent, well-executed package. We have chosen to carry the TecnoDec because of its incredibly clean lines, modern aesthetic, and impeccable sound quality.  Featuring a free-standing motor assembly and patented inverted spindle bearing design, this turntable plays records about as cleanly as anyone could ask for. The modern design and CNC-machined aluminum-alloy construction is something one might find on tables costing 3-5 times more.  It's simple, elegant and effective.  

The TecnoDec is available with Michelle's own T3 tonearm, with purpose-built arm-board.  (The T3 is now fully recommended by Michell for use with this table and at the current time, the T2 is no longer available.)

The T3 tonearm takes the TecnoDec to another level of performance, with improved design and damping, counter-weight assembly, internal wiring, and both horizontal and vertical bearings.  The T3 arm is highly recommended for this application and worth the investment. 

This table is a true performer.

TecnoDec + T3 Arm: $2,599

*NOTE, for a limited time, we are offering the Uni-Cover for free with the purchase of this TecnoDec package.