Tekton Designs Oriel Ten, Full-Range Speakers - SOLD

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Tekton Design is a relatively young loudspeaker company from Utah that has quickly made a strong impression on the audio world for developing high performance speakers at incredibly reasonable prices.  

Originally priced at just under $1,000 per pair, these Tekton Oriel Tens are an exceptional value for an entry-level audiophile.  They pair very well with vintage solid state receivers and are efficient enough to not require too much power.  

This model shares much of its design with the Tekton Lore with the exception of a soft dome  tweeter in place of the Lore’s Audax gold dome. Frequency response is rated from 30-25,000 Hz. These speakers like placement reasonably close to a wall and have a perfect balance for a seated listening position. But, turn the volume up and they can rock the house! 


The speakers are finished in satin black and are in perfect condition.  The original floor spikes are still wrapped, unopened.  

In person demo’s are available at our showroom with COVID precautions in place.


Shipping is available as the original shipping cartons are provided. 

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