Telefunken, EL34 "Brown Bottom" OO Getter, "MAGIC" - SOLD

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Very rare matched quad set of Telefunken, EL34 power stage tubes from 1962. Highly desirable vintage stock "Brown Bottom" versions. These EL34s are in excellent condition matched and ready to play magnificently in your valve amp. They are the tube of choice for any ST70 owner. They bring that amp to legendary performance status.

The EL34 and it's "Americanized" version, the 6CA7, are among the most popular and sought out vintage tubes today. This tube is a pentode of the power amplifier type. It probably gained most of it's popularity as the output tube of choice in the famous Dynakit ST70 amps, but it has been around since the 1950s. It was found in musicial instrument amps, public address systems, and other types of home and professional audio systems. It packs quite a whallop in a rather small glass package, and yet, in well crafted amps like the ST70, it can image well, with a delicate airy touch and a solid bottom end.

*Note: these have been fully tested and found to have approximately 1500+/- hours of life remaining. There are several sets of these rare EL34s out in the marketplace for wildly high prices at 75-80% life. We have priced these accordingly. Also, these tubes were played in a non demanding amp so they may actually last in excess of what they've tested at.

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Old Stock, Telefunken, EL34 "Brown Bottom" power tubes: $799.00