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Henry Kloss co-founded The Advent Corporation in 1968 to pursue the design and manufacture affordable color televisions.  As a means of raising capital, Kloss began the production of a loudspeaker system, The Advent Loudspeaker, a design which has become an icon of mid-century acoustic suspension design.

In 1977, the iconic "Advent Loudspeaker" was slightly redesigned to accommodate some minor changes.  Some of these changes were predicated by supply-chain issues (sounds familiar!) and others in an attempt to freshen the design of the speaker for changing aesthetic tastes.  The "New" Advent Loudspeaker was born!  (Today, affectionately referred to as the "New Large Advent" or "NLA")

This particular pair of NLA are in excellent 9+ condition.  The original simulated walnut veneer looks beautiful with negligible signs of wear anywhere.  The grille covers are original & look fabulous.  Woofers have been properly refoamed, and crossover capacitors replaced with new high-quality poly-film components.

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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