The "Original" Advent Loudspeaker - SOLD

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Henry Kloss co-founded The Advent Corporation in 1968 to pursue the design and manufacture affordable color televisions.  As a means of raising capital, Kloss began the production of a loudspeaker system, The Advent Loudspeaker, a design which has become an icon of mid-century acoustic suspension design.

This particular pair of Advents are in near perfect condition.  The original real walnut veneer, and walnut beveled-edge front faces are in beautiful condition with Only the slightest signs of wear. The grille covers have been redone & look fabulous.  Woofers have been properly refoamed, and crossover capacitors replaced with new high-quality poly-film components.

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

The "Original" Advent Loudspeaker: $399.00 in real walnut veneer (plus applicable sales tax)

*(Note, matching model specific walnut stands are not included in the sale but are available for $249.00)