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The main story inside the Theta Digital Data Basic II is the huge power supply. It uses three transformers, about 20,000µF of supply capacitance, and 13 regulation stages. Almost every chip has its own power-supply regulation stage to prevent interaction between circuit sections through the power supply. Even the front-panel display has it own transformer. Each transport servo (tracking, focus, rotational) is supplied from a separate regulation stage. The incoming AC is also filtered.

The transport mechanism is the popular Philips CDM9 Pro controlled by a Philips chipset. The CDM9 Pro is an expensive mechanism for a $1750 transport. The Data Basic is fitted with the ASM spatial filter—the tiny, doughnut-shaped ring that fits over the objective lens to narrow the aperture. Theta says the spatial filter improves the sound slightly, but meaningfully (footnote 2).

Build quality, overall appearance, and fit'n'finish are outstanding. We like the Data Basic's look,... it's simplicity of design and heavy HQ feel is outstanding. This particular unit is in excellent visual & operational condition. We have it paired with an MSB Technology, Digital Link DAC from the same era (also offered on this site) and the playback is pure magic - about as analog a presentation as we've heard; even from DACs & transports costing 3x as much. Just an Incredible piece. Comes complete with the elusive working remote and OM. A can't miss transport. The reviews online speak for themselves. 

Come give this Theta component a twirl at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

Theta Digital, Data Basic II Transport: $689.00 + Applicable Sales Tax