Thiel Audio MCS1 (LCR) 2 Channel Champs

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THIEL speakers are renowned among audiophile circles for their superb performance. The MCS1 delivers breathtaking THIEL sound in a convenient, compact design. You can place this slender speaker either vertically or horizontally — making it ideal for multichannel home theater systems. Set it upright on a stand for use as a front or surround speaker, or place it horizontally for a matching center channel.

High-tech speaker drivers - Remarkably clear treble
The secret to the MCS1's incredibly lifelike sound starts with a superbly designed midrange/tweeter array. The MCS1 houses the tweeter inside the midrange, with a mechanical crossover separating the two drivers. This ingenious design maintains the proper time alignment for the high and midrange frequencies, creating unparalleled accuracy and realism.

Richly detailed, musical bass for days... Bass comes courtesy of an aluminum woofer with a cast magnesium chassis. A motor structure consisting of a short voice coil sitting inside a large magnet effortlessly drives the woofer. Unlike the voice coils found in most speakers that extend outside the magnet, the deliberately short voice coil always "sees" the optimum magnetic field as it travels back and forth. This eliminates distortion caused by variances in magnetic strength. Bass is full, rich, and musical — perfectly complementing the treble without being overbearing.

The "unsung hero" of any speaker is the crossover — it directs the right frequencies to the right drivers so you don't have a tweeter trying to reproduce bass and a woofer trying to reproduce highs. THIEL meticulously engineered their first-order crossover to achieve tonal neutrality. The advanced crossover ensures that musical information such as amplitude, phase, and time remain faithful to the original signal.

The super-strong one-inch-thick cabinet features internal bracings to enhance rigidity and minimize sound-muddying internal resonance. The front baffle sports curved edges to reduce unwanted diffraction, for improved tonal and spatial performance.

Take your pick... use for fronts in an upmarket HT system or use them in a (2) channel stereo rig. These Thiels are super flexible and best part... they have that signature Thiel sound - the Thiel, MCS-1 have real "soul". Solid 9 on the visuals with only the slightest signs of wear. 10+ in performance to value ratio. Just awesome!

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Thiel, MCS-1 (LCR) Floorstanding Speakers: $1299 + sales tax when applicable

*Lovan stands are NOT included