Thorens TD-124, Like You've Never Seen Before!

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We have all seen or heard turntables that were "special" or that we thought would be "the one."  And maybe those pieces were the final stop on the spinning wheel toward vinyl nirvana, or maybe they were a stepping stone.  With a lot of audio equipment, vintage can often perform as well, if not better, than modern counterparts.  The Thorens TD-124 is one of those examples with legendary performance, beautifully crafted in its simplicity, and yet sophisticated enough to produce outstanding music.  

Thorens is a company that has been around for 140 years.  They are the most recognizable turntable manufacturer, and they still utilize the TD-124 monicker even today.  For a product that was introduced almost 75 years ago, the TD-124 is an all-star for audiophiles around the globe.  The 4-speed, hybrid belt/idle-driven mechanism is durable, accurate, and quiet.  Three of the most important variables to study when reviewing a turntable. 

This example has been completely rebuilt and restored by Vintage Turntable Restoration (completed approximately 8 years ago). The custom-made walnut-wrapped plinth with adjustable spiked feet and internal isolation provides an absolutely gorgeous foundation for the classic 124. The turntable itself has been completely gone through and keeps speed perfectly.  On top of all this, the table has been fitted with a custom walnut arm board housing a transcriptor-style 12" straight SME M2-12 tonearm.  SME being another highly respected brand in the vinyl-spinning business, the M2-12 tonearm came in 2 varieties: the "s-shaped" 12-inch and "straight" 12-inch -- Both designed to maximize the cartridge's coverage of the groove and grab as much audio information from the record as possible.  

This extremely special one-of-a-kind deck has been fitted with a Grado Prestige Gold cartridge with a barely worn stylus.  It plays and tracks great, with clarity and authority.  

Finally, a custom-cut Ginko clear plexi-glass cover has been fitted to protect all of these treasures from the elements. 

You won't find another TD-124 like this! You won't find another turntable of any kind like this anywhere else.  Beautiful!

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