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This is the amp that started high end as we now know it. Volumes upon volumes of reviews, and lavish praise have been heaped upon this classic Threshold 400A amp,delivering 100 watts rms per side in Class A output. This is also the amp that forever established not only Threshold but Nelson Pass as well, as one of the most gifted of audio designers. A true visionary product from the mind of Nelson Pass.

To say that the 400A caught the audio world by complete surprise is a major league understatement. Solid state prior to this time was not held in to high regard, except the power amps from CM Labs. But here for once was a major technical break through in solid state running in Class A and at that time an unheard of 100 Watts RMS per side. The sonics were to die for and the control and musicality this amp put on speakers were nothing less than a tour de force, that one does not often experience in life in any medium. The amp was a game changer and today is STILL amongst the "bucket list" components that a true audio enthusiast should experience in their system.

The 400A even by todays standards, retains its ability to handle speakers masterfully and reproduces music with a solid verve, not often found today at any price, a musical amplifier that totally involves one with the music, that one can easily get lost in and forget about equipment. It is very easy to get lost in the sonics of the 400A.

Come listen to this incredible Nelson Pass/Threshold Amp here at the Lawrence shop. It's been totally run through by our expert in house tech and he's emphatically stated it's 100% up to spec and ready for the next 30yrs. Solid 8+ condition with only the slightest signs of wear... performance however is A+.

Can also purchase with confidence via this website.

Threshold, 400A pure Class A Amplifier: $1599 + applicable sales tax