Tokyo Sound Valve 100/SE Single Ended Tube Amplifier - SOLD

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Tokyo Sound Valve is not a very well-known company even among the audiophile tube aficionados, but those who have heard of this company know of the 100SE integrated amplifier.  This little wonder is built exceptionally well and based off of design principles that have been perfected over the last ~100 years. The Single Ended Triode design was used extensively after World War I and is still a favorite among serious listeners and guitar players alike.  

The 100SE design is based off of the 6L6GC output tubes, which offer very pleasing harmonics and a reasonable max output of 8 watts per channel.  Tubes used in this unit are from Valvo and Genelec and perform flawlessly.  The 100Se also features 3 line inputs, one tape loop/input.   One set of speaker outputs will work well with 4 or 8 ohm speakers, tho we recommend 8 ohms for greater stability.  The gold front dials work without issue.  

This is a beautiful unit and it's ready for a new home.

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