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Enter the realm of beauty with the Totem Forest. Designed for power and articulate voicing, the Forest is at ease with all types of music. Whether in stereo, multi-channel audio or a high-quality A/V application, the Forest creates a synergy between spatial imaging and dynamic power that goes beyond the usual.

The Forest offers pulse, speed and dynamic contrasts that add up to a tingling surprise factor, bringing freshness to your listening experience. With its innovative design, incredible sound extension and overall coherence, the Totem Forest allows you to discover beautiful harmonics that open up to infinite worlds of spatial sonority.

Design features

  • Elegant design and aesthetic compactness
  • Specially modified proprietary drivers
  • Flush-mounted drivers
  • Aerodynamic rounded front baffle and angled rear baffle
  • Extensive cross-bracing and radical angle internal floor
  • Available in exotic veneer or Design multicoated polyester finishes

Technical features

  • Lock mitered monocoque chassis
  • Ultra-expansive borosilicate damping
  • Exclusive, hardwired crossover
  • Silvered OFC wiring
  • Claw: for advanced decoupling from floor
  • Bi-wire-able gold plated WBT terminals

Like all Totem speakers, the Forest, a smallish 8ohm tower, are shockingly well rounded. They are imaging demons and play with incredible pace and depth. One of the finest speakers ever experienced at playing fully at low levels. They really are amazing and this set is in fine condition -  couple little nicks on the back of the black ash finish on one but overall, a stellar set. If you've never experienced Totem speakers, you should come have a listen. Equally terrific with tubes or SS they just do everything right. Can ship anywhere as we have the original boxes & packaging. 

Come take these Forest for a test drive here at the shop or hit the purchase now button on this site.

Totem, Forest: $1999 + applicable sales tax


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