Tube Audio Lab, "Min Yang Build", WE91A 300b Single Ended Triode Monoblocks - Extraordinary! Shipping Included

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So in the world of tube amplifiers, 300b Western Electric Type low powered single ended designs (SET) reign supreme. Here we have a VERY special Tube Audio Lab 300b custom built (by master amp builder Min Yang) PURE CLASS A single ended monoblocks from the extensive Richard K Collection of fine audio componants. The WE design features (2) 300b, (2) 6C6s, (2) 5R4 and a WE-Core providing a glorious 8-9 Watts/per Channel in Pure Class A. These amps have a build sheet from 7/04/09 and are in impeccable condition being part of a massive collection of important audio components.

Min Yang, self described "head monkey at Tube Audio Lab", is a self taught master builder of fine tube amplifiers. His amps are cherished around the world and the line to have his one of his signature sets of 300b monos is long. If you've never experience low power 300bs with high efficiency speakers you are truly missing out. Dynamics are extra, presentation is smooth as silk and they throw a soundstage a mile wide. They are the tube amp of choice by serious audiophiles the world over and Min's custom builds are coveted and almost never come available on the preowned market. Yet, here we have an exceptional set in 9+ condition.

These amps could stay with us forever as they are oh so satisfying. We have them playing with a set of Heretic, AD614 Concentric Driver 97db efficient utility cab speakers and the sound is just sublime. Can't say enough about this pairing. AMAZING.

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Tube Audio Lab, WE91A 300b SET Amps: $2999 FOR THE PAIR…

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