NOS Tungsram, 12ax7 - Last One!

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**Update 11/10/22 - (1) Remaining**

The Tungsram 12ax7 may be the most complete tubes of their kind I've ever come across. We have (6) available and the each test as an "A" grade tube. I've had a 12ax7 based preamp for years now using an Asthetix Calypso Signature. Have run through Sovtek, good - Mullard, better - new Gold Lions, excellent - Telefunken, wonderful and worthy of the hype - Tungsram, magnificent! These tubes throw the largest/deepest most accurate soundstage of any tube I've used. They have the widest response of the bunch too. Just the right amount of sizzle, lower registers all there and punchy/impactful and the mids are creamy smooth. Honestly, such a treat to listen to. Thought I'd climed the 12ax7 ladder but these Tungsram have shown me there's ALWAYS another rung.

Purchase these with confidence via this website - please know, there are no returns on tubes. Not in a million years would you want to send these back anyway.

Tungsram, 12ax7/ECC83: $99 each, $198 per pair + applicable sales tax