Unison Research Unico 90

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The Unico 90 is perfect for the discerning listener who either doesn't need a full 150 watts per channel of solid state power, or wants an amp they can lift without a brace.  (..Although the second point is debatable...Might need that brace with the 90!).

Just like it's bigger brother, the 150, the Unico 90 is brilliant to listen to. The minimalistic exterior design belies the power that's inside.  The electronic circuitry of the Unico 90 is laid out in two stages. The first stage is of a triode tube type, providing low gain with low output impedance.  This stage then feeds into a HEXFET Class AB output stage that emits power so effortlessly you will be drawn into the music in ways you didn't think possible.  The linearity of these design is part of the magic of the Unison sound.  

In addition to the base design, all elements surrounding these gain stages have been hand selected for specific performance characteristics.  The 400VA power transformers provide current to each "side" of the amp as if in a mono block configuration. The power supply circuits have been enhanced thanks to a substantial increase in filter capacitance size and to accommodate Unison's high-quality, shielded and proprietary power transformers. 

  • Output power: 100+100W RMS into 8 Ohms, 160+160W RMS into 4 Ohms
  • Valves, Input Stage: ECC83/ECC81, Class-A Double Triode
  • Final Output: Complimentary HEXFET
  • Inputs: 3 x analog line (RCA), 2 x analog line (XLR), 1 x Bypass (RCA)
  • Line Outputs: 1 x tape, fixed (RCA), 1 x stereo subwoofer, variable (RCA)

Demos are encouraged!  You have to experience the Unison sound!

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