Unison Research Unico Due, Integrated with Phono + DAC

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The Unico Due is like the Swiss Army knife of high-powered, hybrid integrated, Italian amplifiers -- If such an audio sub-genre existed.  The Due is a beautiful piece of equipment inside and out.  The on-board 100 watts per channel of solid state output power has plenty of  headroom for demanding speaker loads, and the signature simplistic Unison front panel controls are just lovely to experience. 

The minimalistic exterior design belies the power that's inside.  The electronic circuitry of the Unico Due is laid out in two stages. The first stage is of a triode tube type, providing low gain with low output impedance.  This stage then feeds into a symmetrical BJT Class A/AB output stage that emits power so effortlessly you will be drawn into the music in ways you didn't think possible.  The linearity of these design is part of the magic of the Unison sound.  

In addition to the base design, the Due provides a user-selectable, tube, on-board MM/MC phono stage which is silky smooth.  The Due also features and on-board ESS 9018K2M USB DAC capable of PCM or DSD256, 32-bit/384kHz in PCM mode.  The power supply circuits have been enhanced thanks to a substantial increase in filter capacitance size and to accommodate Unison's high-quality, shielded and proprietary power transformers. 

The Due is really an elegant workhorse.  It plays gloriously and is vastly underrated in the audio world.

  • Output power: 100+100W RMS into 8 Ohms, 180+180W RMS into 4 Ohms
  • Valves, Input Stage: ECC83, Double Triode
  • Final Output: Complimentary HEXFET
  • Inputs: 3 x analog line (RCA), 1 x digital (USB), 1 x tape/bypass, configurable (RCA)
  • Line Outputs: 1 x tape, fixed (RCA), 1 x stereo subwoofer, variable (RCA), 1 x DAC-Direct (RCA)

Demos are encouraged!  You have to experience the Unison sound!

$3,999 (plus applicable shipping & MA sales tax)