Sota Comet - Stealth Mode Table

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SOTA has earned the acclaim of vinyl enthusiasts since they brought their first turntable to market in 1982. The Sapphire was quickly recognized as a brilliant performer, bringing hope to analog loyalists at the dawn of the digital age. LPs are still the standard by which true musical enjoyment and fidelity are measured. Furthermore, turntable design continues to evolve as a result of new materials and manufacturing methods. These days, SOTA products are the dedicated work of Kirk and Donna Bodinet in Worth, Illinois..

The Comet is a self-contained, belt-driven turntable that features a thick base finished in black texture coat. Three threaded feet level the base. A 24-pole AC synchronous motor drives a hard white polymer sub platter, and a substantial black polymer platter of sandwich composition rests upon the sub platter.

This Sota is in amazing condition and is truly plug and play as the high end Sota arm comes fitted with a Sumiko, Blue Point MM cart. Solid 9 in appearance and 10+ in analog performance.

Come give this Sota Comet a twirl, lol here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this site.

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