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The name "Apt" comes from its definition as "an appropriate and intelligent solution to the task at hand." Newer preamplifiers today are mostly 25-pound billet aluminum cases filled with fluff: ordinary analog circuits controlled digitally with showy vacuum fluorescent displays, but missing many of the important control features and superior audio performance of the Holman Preamplifier. Instead of chasing idiotic things that consumers think are important but aren't, like what kind of wire's inside, the Apt Holman Preamplifier concentrates on what's far more important, like where those wires are connected and the analog circuitry around them.

The Apt Preamp has a cult like following and this piece has been professionally gone through by our expert in-house tech. It's in excellent 10+ working condition and is a solid 9 in appearance.

This Apt is a serious audiophile tool. One that will bring the very best synergy between music/amplification without changing the intended audio signature in any way. Purity of information in & purity of signal out. Simple, direct and done better than 95% of the preamps we've experienced.

Stop in today to experience this amazing piece of audio history or purchase with confidence via this website.

Apt Holman, Preamp: $599 + applicable sales tax