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Chord as a company, is out there... waaaaay out there when it comes to quality and price. In the long run, I'd certainly aire to the side of value for money. These amplifiers are built with so much passion and expertise it's hard to compare them to any other brands. Chord components are special. 

Chord comes from the professional side of audio and although they moved into the consumer market, their kit is always made with one foot in the studio. So we get things like channel indicators and balanced inputs and outputs. Chord make amplifiers for some of the most important studios in the world, for example, Abbey Road and even the Royal Opera House of which used a massive array of them of over 200 units.

The SPM 600 output stage uses MOSFETs designed exclusively for Chord that are biased to operate in Class-A during normal use, changing class-B under more demanding situations. The result, according to Chord, is an amplifier that "sounds simply effortless."

This Chord amp is near and dear to me. I personally owned one that I played with my 11ohm Rogers LS3/5a for years 'til I reluctantly sold both amp & speakers to a good friend. Absolutely fabulous power amp that plays with the ryhthm, weight and pace fast enough to bring the very best out of the LS3/5a iconic monitors. This particular Chord is a total joy to own and I defy anyone to show me a better $1600 amp; there isn't one. The build quality, tech and sonic signature will bring out the very best of any moderately efficient speakers. Abbey Road Studios has used Chord amps and electronics for years paired with their big Tannoy monitors. I've personally plugged this amp in with our ProAc Response 2.5 and have to say, it's even better than I remember it to be.

Solid 9 in aesthetics with only the slightest signs of wear. Solid 11 in performance and has been gone through extensively here by our expert tech staff.  This Chord is without question the best sub $2500  power piece one will ever add to their kit and paired with any British box speaker will be absolute magic.

Come demo this fine Chord power amplifier here at the Lawrence shop or buy with confidence her on our site.

Chord SPM 600: $1359 + applicable sales tax