NAGRA PL-L, Class-A Tube, Linestage Preamplifier

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NAGRA, Line Vacuum Tube Preamplifier 

The PL-L is a Pure Class A vacuum tube line pre-amplifier, based on the proven design concepts of the world-renowned PL-P and offering 4 inputs. It differs from the PL-P in that it does not have a phono front-end stage and is not equipped with the internal battery for total power isolation. The PL-L has a remote control allowing the different functions to be remotely selected and optimal balancing of the output transformers. The jewel-like machined anodized aluminum case features input source selection, balance and volume controls, as well as a precision modulometer for system level matching. The PL-L is designed to provide the highest quality audio performance in an ultra-high-resolution audio system.

The power supply is always a key issue in the quality of a pre-amplifier. The external power supply is designed to deliver quiet and stable performance essential for the highest quality audio system. It is completely isolated from AC line noise.


The PL-L provides four line inputs that include one XLR unbalanced (asymmetrical) and three RCA (CINCH) single-ended. The audio output is automatically muted when switching between sources.


The outputs of the PL-L are directly coupled to the output vacuum tubes, specifically to ensure the highest audio performance. The level of the output connectors can be modified to match the specific level of the amplifier. Thanks to its specific design, the PL-L can drive loads as low as 600 Ω. A switch is provided to select either: Output 1, two unbalanced sets of RCA stereo connectors to allow bi-amp setups or to connect to both amplifiers and a recorder. Output 2, unbalanced (assymetrical) XLR connectors; as an option custom-designed Nagra-made transformers are also available for floating output. For more information regarding balanced connections, please refer to our FAQs.


The remote control will allow selection between the different input sources and adjustment of balance and output level. Direct motors are implemented for driving volume and balance control potentiometers. This means, the remote control does not degrade the sound quality; the audio signal path remains unchanged. This is the most elegant way to control the volume and balance in an analog product (as in the MPA-RCMI integrated power amplifier). The remote control unit can also be used to control the DAC and the MPA-RCMI.


A highly precise, Nagra-made modulometer, identical to the legendary NAGRA IV-S, provides a multitude of functions through two coaxial, internal pointers representing the left and right channels. The Nagra modulometer is a true measurement device that allows precision over a large scale. The modulometer can be used to adjust the volume and balance potentiometers for:

  • Reaching a proper balance between left and right channels ;
  • Compensating the level differences between various recordings ;
  • Controlling the power supply DC input level ;
  • Controlling the output level of the amplifier (if correctly set).

I guess it's important to list, in this case, right from the NAGRA website, the impressive list of attributes & features this incredible linestage possesses. So, I use a pretty good Linestage. Its expensive and is running expensive NOS tubes. I thought it was just fabulous until,... until I took the NAGRA home to demo It in my own personal setup. I can only say that the NAGRA is truly a special piece. I tend to throw that term around a bit here at the shop as we've had some truly spectacular electronics and speakers lately but this is the finest preamp/linestage I've ever experienced and preamps are my jam. This NAGRA screams quality from the second you open the box to the moment you plug it in and hear its magic. NAGARA is the Rolex of audio and the second you spin a dial or change an input you'll know exactly what I'm saying here. This PL-L is in flawless 9++ condition. Zero signs of wear - just like it came out of the box for the 1st time. Extraordinary in EVERY WAY.

NAGRA, PL-L Linestage from the Richard K Collection of Fine Audio: $5999+ sales tax when applicable.