Paradigm Prestige 85F

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The Paradigm recipe for success has always been to strive for innovative designs, cutting-edge technology, employing superior materials, keep as much of the manufacturing process in-house and using smart engineering techniques. This has garnered Paradigm hundreds of industry awards and positive reviews.

Over the past couple of decades, many high-end audio brands have chosen to move all or part of their production overseas to take advantage of lower labour, material and ancillary costs. Paradigm has chosen a different path. They have chosen to continue to be proudly Canadian through and through by continuing to handcraft their products in the true north, strong and free.

Rather than rest on their laurels, the folks at Paradigm have constantly strived not just to maintain but enhance their reputation for offering some of the best performance, build quality and aesthetics at each speaker price point from entry level to the high 4-figure price range. The Prestige’ range of speakers is no exception. The line offers seven models including three floor-standing models, one bookshelf, two center channels units and a surround channel option. Two matching subwoofers will be available this year.

What immediately struck us about this range was the aesthetic. This is by far, the smartest, sleekest, most elegant look that Paradigm has ever offered. The clean lines have been achieved by utilizing concave dust caps and low-diffraction brushed anodized aluminum trim rings. Hiding all the fastening hardware from view, unlike many previous models, makes the Prestige Series very pleasing to the eyes. The cabinets have a lovely finish and the magnetically attached grill rounds off this sharp, sophisticated tuxedo look.

All the drivers for the Prestige range have been designed and mostly manufactured in-house in order to achieve higher consistency and tighter tolerances. The cabinets are cloaked in frost white gloss hardwood veneer and has that super modern vibe. The white, brushed aluminum and black combo is striking and know that this pair is totally blemish free. We don't often get Paradigm speakers here at the shop so, we sat and gave these a long listen and A/B'd them with some similar size Martin Logan's and Aerial 6T with roughly the same cabinet volume & driver compliment. All three sets are equally fabulous albiet with a distinctly different sonic signature. The Paradigm’s are a very well accomplished and full sounding tower. They have just the right amount of sizzle and the mid frequencies are extraordinary. Bass is full fast, deep and accurate. They are VERY nice speakers in every way.

Come demo these fine 85F towers here at the shop. Contact us before hitting the buy now button to discuss shipping options.

Paradigm, Prestige 85F: $1999.00 plus sales tax where & when warranted