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The MA6100 is an integrated amp, meaning that it combines a preamplifier with an amplifier. Simple enough but hold on,... Nowadays, most amplifiers are integrated, but that wasn't always the case. For instance a Cary, Rocket 88 tube amp is nothing but an amplifier, and it relies on a preamp such as an Audible Illusuons, Modulus to switch between different input sources, control volume and tone, and provide an initial stage of amplification. Again, hit the EASY Button.

The MA6100 however provides the same functions in a single package. It is a stereo amp, providing 70 watts per channel, with provision for two sets of speakers as well as headphones. It has various tone controls and it accepts as many as six inputs (Aux, Tuner 1, Tuner 2, Phono 1, Phono 2, Tape Head). A peek at the rear panel shows that the preamp and amp are indeed separate devices built on a single chassis. For normal operation, you connect jumpers (or ordinary RCA cables) between the preamp output and power amp input jacks... brilliant. Both components under the same hood. 

So as vintage Mac pieces go, the MA6100 is one of the most in-demand. It's got plenty of power, features and good looks to make any vintage audio  enthusiast blush. Yep, it's got ALL the goods. This particular piece comes from a one owner estate. It's been absolutely babies it's entire life and it shows with only the slightest signs of use. All in all incredible for a compnent that's in one home sisnce the mid-70s. We've had it run through front to back here by our in-house expert staff and plays ohhhh so good. Really,... been looking for that centerpiece for your vintage rig? This is the one, 100% an "it" piece.

Come demo this fine vintage Mac integrated amp here at the Lawrence shop or buy with confidence via this site.

AMAZING McIntosh, MA6100 with matching walnut case: $1899 plus sales tax when applicable