Vandersteen Audio Model 2Ci, w/ Sound Anchor Stands

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Richard Vandersteen is still wowing the audio world with new innovations and a sharp understanding of music reproduction.  The Vandersteen Series 2 has been a staple for the company nearly since its founding, with variations of the 2C model still available up until only a year ago -- 35+ years after its initial introduction.

This beautiful pair of Vandersteen Model 2Ci speakers are ready for many more years of enjoyment.  This particular matched pair feature improved "i" edition crossovers, soft dome tweeters, and Vifa 4" mid-bass drivers -- adding a layer of detail and depth to the soundstage that even surpasses the original "C."

The 2Ci has a very elegant looking design. The original oak accents are in excellent shape and the acoustically transparent cloth "socks" look great with only very few signs of wear. The Vandersteen/Sound Anchor upgraded welded and painted steel stands with spikes are included with the sale. 

This is a simple, timeless, 2nd order design with advanced time/phase alignment principles and quality construction.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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