Vandersteen Audio Model 3A - Outstanding!

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The Vandersteen Model 3A uses four high quality drivers to produce amazing music. The tweeter, midrange, and mid-bass are all forward-firing. The low-bass driver fires from the rear of the speaker. Crossovers are first-order type to maintain accurate phase performance. The midrange and tweeter are physically staggered behind the taut grille cloth to make the upper frequencies more time coherent. On the back you will also find controls for midrange and tweeter levels as part of the crossover/input design.

It's no secret how we feel about Vandersteen products in this shop. Think we all have owned a set at one time or another. They are top performers playing accurately across a wide bandwidth. They fill a room with ease and can be driven with a number of outstanding amps although we prefer them with a strong SS component. This particular set has been thoroughly gone through here at the shop by our expert speaker techs and are set to play gloriously for the best 25yrs. Solid 8+ 9 condition - just beautiful!

Come give these fine Model 3A a listen here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Vandersteen, Model 3A with full Sound Anchor Stands, Boxes & All Packaging: $1699 + applicable sales tax

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