Vandersteen Audio Model 3A "Signature" Loudspeakers - SOLD

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The Model 3A Signature has four drivers. The tweeter, midrange, and midbass are all forward-firing. The low-bass driver fires from the rear of the speaker at floor level. Crossovers are first-order types to maintain accurate phase performance. Other steeper crossover slopes introduce phase error. Some people believe this is inconsequential, while Vandersteen and several other manufacturers believe that minimizing phase error is an important performance consideration. The midrange and tweeter are physically staggered to make the speakers time coherent. The net result of time coherence is another area of disagreement among manufacturers. Note that correct time/phase performance requires first-order crossovers and staggered drivers; one without the other doesn’t yield correct time/phase performance.

Two pairs of terminals support bi-wiring only, but instead of five-way binding posts, these terminals are Phillips screws with barrier strips between. The terminals are mounted directly to the crossover, something not generally possible with conventional binding posts. In addition, the terminals barely protrude from the back of the speaker. Connections are easy, and there is no opportunity for binding posts to be damaged in shipment. There is no provision for the use of banana plugs or bare wire; spade lugs are required. On the back you will also find controls for midrange and tweeter levels.

This set of Vandersteen, Model 3A "Signature" is in excellent overall condition with only the slightest signs of normal wear. Socks are near perfect and all drivers perform flawlessly. How do they play? Top to bottom integration is extraordinary; large soundfield, tight imaging and tremendous amounts of unforced detail. Not spectacular sounding, just spectacularly RIGHT!

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Vandersteen, Model 3A "Signature"

$2,150 for the pair, Shipped with Factory Cartons

NOTE: Due to size, purchase a Quantity = 2.  Price in basket is for EACH SPEAKER.