Velodyne Digital Drive DD-12 (Series 1) Subwoofer

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Velodyne Acoustics was formed in 1983 by designer David Hall. Velodyne initially produced commercial headphone and lidar products for the boating industry, but found an opportunity in consumer audio through the development of audiophile subwoofers.  For years, Velodyne has been widely known as "The Subwoofer Specialists," as it's literally all they do! 

The DD-12, or Direct Drive 12", subwoofer originally retailed for $2,999 in 2004.  The original DD was intended to evolve the subwoofer to new heights with additional functionality to eliminate placement struggles.  Should a sub be in a corner of the room, or along a wall, or near/far from the main speakers and soundstage?  The DD series utilized on-board signal processing and equalization to allow the user to fine tune the subwoofer, from their listening position, using an IR remote and a series of either preset or custom user settings.  

This subwoofer was serviced by Aaron "THE AMP MAN" and comes with a 6-month warranty.  It sounds incredible and puts out very even-tempered, powerful bass with no fatigue at all.  Just effortless low-end drive. 

Buy with confidence, and demos are always welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

$699 (plus applicable sales tax)


*Note, amp stand shown is not included.

** Also note, the unit does not come with the calibration mic, XLR mic cable, or S-video cable. Unit includes power plug, manual, and remote. **