Velodyne HGS 10, High Gain Powered Subwoofer - SOLD

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"To summarize, the Velodyne HGS-10 is the latest member of a very fine subwoofer family from venerable Velodyne Acoustics. Incorporating proven servo-feedback technology and a new amplifier design, this subwoofer shows how much thunder can come from such a small container. If your audio room or home theater is not large enough to hold one of the HGS-10's bigger brothers, or if you just think that hiding the source of your crash, wham, boom is cool, check this product out." - John E. Johnson, Jr. - Secrets of High Fidelity VAULT 

So this little Velodyne HGS-10 brings so much low end magic that you'll be hard pressed to find a bigger, more power unit that's as inherently musical as this piece. It's the perfect compliment to a small bookshelf speaker situation. We have it hooked up here to a set of Vienna Acoustics, Haydn monitors and the setup up is incredible. The 10" Velo is the perfect mate - highly rhythmic and plays with real pace. Brings the lowest registers up front and makes the system a true full range setup. This piece is in solid 8+ condition wiith only the slightest signs of wear.

Cone hear this great Velodyne sub at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence online via this website.

Velodyne, High Gain, HGS-10 Subwoofer: $299 + applicable sales tax